Production Requirements


Strings:  Standard symphonic string section plus Harp with principal cellist playing solos and one violin player who can play “Irish Fiddle”.

Brass:  Three trumpets, three french horns, two tenor trombones, one bass trombone and one (optional) tuba.

Woodwinds:  One each - Piccolo, flute, English horn, oboe, Bb clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon and contra bassoon.

Percussion:  5 percussion players playing a variety of percussion including timpani.

Rhythm Section:  Piano, Keyboard 2 (various keyboard sounds & effects), one guitar player (electric & acoustic), 5 string electric bass and standard “rock” drum set.


Lighting:  Specials on all 4 soloists, principal cellist and “Irish fiddle” player. Standard wash on orchestra and chorus.

Sound:  Standard orchestra & choir miking plus four wireless body mikes for the soloists, principal cellist mike, “Irish Fiddle” mike, inputs for two electronic keyboards, and mikes for electric & acoustic guitar, bass, piano and drums.

Costumes: Period costume for Scrooge and The Narrator. There will be small costume pieces for Actors 1 & 2. The roll of “Belle” will be filled by a singer from each local choir, and her costume will vary.