In Concert

When we filmed A Christmas Carol - The Concert for PBS in 2013, we knew that it couldn’t be filmed exactly like the show is performed in concert. It had to be “great television”. Scott Silberstein, Matt Hoffman, David Kersnar, and everyone who worked on the PBS Special made that happen. The show looks, and sounds incredible, but many of the transitions and shots could literally NOT be done in a concert setting. When the show is performed on stage as a concert, as it was originally conceived, the set-up is much simpler. All 4 actors are right up front, with their books and their stands. The role of “Belle” is usually sung by a woman from the choir. There are a few costume changes, mostly small stuff….But nothing like what we did for television.

The lighting is also much, much simpler. All that is needed is a multi-color wash for the orchestra & choir, and 7 specials—-one for each of the actors (including Belle) one for the 1st chair cellist, and one for the violin player who will play the “Irish Fiddle” solos.

The pictures on this page are from the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra premier. It will give you a better idea how the show looks “in concert”.

When an orchestra hires our “package” of 4 actors, 3 musicians, a conductor and stage manager, it’s no problem getting the piece pulled together (including sound & lights) in your normal “3-hour rehearsal”.


The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
Conducted by Amy Duran
The Baltimore City College Choir : Linda Hall (Director)

Photography: Grant Blair/Idlewild Photography